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Discover a better way to manage attendance, leave, and accruals

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UKG Pro™ Absence and Leave helps you proactively balance the needs of your people and organization, in a way that’s fair, while allowing you to reduce the expenses associated with absenteeism and leave, stay productive, remain compliant, and create a better experience for your people.

Watch our recorded webinar to learn how our absence management tool, part of our UKG Pro Workforce Management time, attendance, and scheduling solution, can:

  • Give you the visibility you need to understand what drives absenteeism and patterns of attendance
  • Help prevent employee burnout by standardizing the administration and enforcement of leave policies
  • Ensure attendance management is reasonable and applied fairly across the organization
  • Automate error-prone tasks so employee leave records are always current, accurate and consistent
  • Use reporting to gain complete visibility into attendance and leave data, accurately measure the cost of absenteeism, and understand key drivers

A transparent and fair approach that your people understand can help you cut costs, boost productivity, and build a more engaged workforce.