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Dine & Design your workforce management strategy

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Five webinars designed to boost your workforce management confidence

There’s a lot to consider when designing an effective workforce management strategy. Our experts are excited to assist you in building a recipe for success in the Dine & Design webinar series, walking through the five core components of a winning strategy that will complement your existing HR/payroll solution. By pacing the conversation across five webinars, we’re inviting you to focus in on the topics that matter most to your organization -- or participate in the entire conversation.

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Good Days Start with Coffee & Compliance
Lead by Judy Luczak

Like a morning without a good cup of coffee, starting a workforce management strategy without a strong compliance plan can be a rocky road. This cafe style conversation will cover common points of failure, impacts on the organization, and how to ensure that your business continues to run smoothly and stays compliant.

avor Your Success: Scheduling Strategies that Drive Results
Lead by John Frehse

Cooking, like scheduling, is an art and a science. Just like a savory meal is a strategic blend of herbs and spices, the ideal employee experience is based on a balanced mix of shift and scheduling strategies. Join us for a crash course in strategies to improve employee satisfaction, drive results, and leave behind stale, outdated practices that are compromising your results.

Lunch & Leave Management
Lead by Toni Kellan and Julie Develin

Do intermittent callouts or managing paid sick leaves feel like juggling the lunch rush with no kitchen staff? Are you burnt out from constantly changing needs and requests coming at you from all sides? Join us to bring order to the chaos and learn how to understand new policies from coast to coast, the impacts they can have on your culture, and how UKG can help streamline the process to give you peace of mind and a more relaxing lunch break!

Perfect Pairing: Workforce Management and Payroll
Lead by Ted Nielsen

Wine and cheese. Chocolate and peanut butter. Payroll and timekeeping. Classic pairings that go great together. Join us to learn how pairing WFM and Payroll in one single platform makes payroll easier, streamlining the entire payroll process from punch to paycheck and eliminating manual processes and duplicate data entry… leaving more time for you to enjoy your favorite pairing!

Data, Dashboards, and Dessert: Have Your Cake and Eat it Too
Lead by Gregg Gordon

Desserts and data...two things you want to consume fresh and in real-time! What if you could manage time, schedules, design dashboards, and analytical reports all in one solution? Join us to explore the benefits of a single, real-time solution that handles high-volume transactions and powerful analytics with ease. See? You can definitely have your cake and eat it too.