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Dine & Design Webinar Series: Maximizing the Value of UKG Ready

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There's a lot to consider when designing an effective workforce management strategy. Our experts are excited to assist you in building a recipe for success in the Dine & Design webinar series, walking through the three core components of a winning strategy that will complement your existing Workforce Ready solution. By pacing the conversation across three webinars, we're inviting you to focus in on the topics that matter most to your organization — or participate in the entire conversation.

Good Days Start with Coffee and Attestation
Recorded: August 6
Discover how you can help your employees flexibly keep pace with regulatory requirements with UKG Ready Attestation, seamlessly weaving ongoing compliance into your time and attendance processes and gathering the responses you need from employees.

Lunch and Leave Management
Recorded: August 11
Learn how UKG Ready Leave Manager helps you streamline the leave administration process by automating the tracking of federal, state, and organization leave policies in order to ensure fair, consistent enforcement while mitigating compliance risk.

Savor Your Success: Scheduling Strategies That Drive Results
Recorded: August 19
Find out how UKG Ready Scheduler helps you drive efficiencies by proactively building best-fit schedules for your organization and budget based on operational demand, required skills, compliance rules, and employee availability and preferences.