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Creating a Workplace Climate of Trust and Inclusion

Learn how to create a culture of trust and inclusion that can increase employee engagement and innovation and the role that technology can play in this process.

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As healthcare organizations adjust to meet changing needs and demands, embracing a culture of trust and inclusion is more critical than ever in engaging and retaining staff and fostering innovation and success. But how do HR professionals in the diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEI&B) space know where to begin when faced with so many other organizational and workforce challenges?

In this webinar replay, Erika Sandoval, partner in the Strategic Advisory Group at UKG, discusses the innovative and proven techniques that you can use to successfully build a culture of trust and inclusion that will empower your people and help you strengthen your overall organizational strategy.

During the replay, you will:

  • Learn the latest research on trust in the modern workplace
  • Explore best practices for creating trust and inclusion
  • Discover how technology can help strengthen trust and drive inclusion

This webinar replay will build your understanding of DEI&B in the workplace and will help you create a roadmap for integrating DEI&B into your business strategy.