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Connect and Engage: How to Support the Frontline Worker

Frontline workers are the face of an organization — don’t miss the opportunity to learn how to better support them.

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Gain practical insight into how to help frontline workers thrive

Frontline workers can make or break an organization. They typically interact with customers first and are often the "tip of the spear" when executing organizational strategies.

With such high visibility, many leaders are looking for ways to better enable these workers to thrive in their current and future roles. RedThread Research recently explored this challenge and discovered some surprising results. It turns out that some things are done well for frontline workers — often even better than for other employees. But many things aren’t.

View the webinar replay where Stacia Sherman Garr and Heather Gilmartin Adams from RedThread Research and Abri Stephens from UKG discuss:

  • Why organizations are focusing on frontline employees (hint: only 53% said their managers show genuine interest in their career)
  • How to enable managers to better support and develop their frontline employees
  • How to help frontline employees make connections across the organization so they feel engaged

This webinar shares guidance on how to engage frontline employees.