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Compliance in the Time of COVID

Understand the drivers behind recent employment law trends
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Compliance in the Time of COVID

Perhaps the only thing capable of spreading faster than the coronavirus is the outgrowth of employment regulations.

Since the onset of COVID-19, employers have had to address a myriad of taxation issues, state and local safety regulations, and COVID-specific leave laws. In addition, familiar challenges regarding wage and hour compliance, as well as new regulations regarding data privacy, have not abated.

In this webinar replay, Colleen Rynne, director of compliance for product at UKG, and Robert Wennagel, senior compliance advisor at UKG, discuss compliance challenges related to COVID-19, explore legislation and case developments both specific to and unrelated to the pandemic, and attempt to understand the drivers behind recent employment law trends.

After watching Compliance in the Time of COVID, you will:

  • Understand recent COVID-19 sick and family leave legislation, including the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 and California SB 95
  • Recognize challenges regarding taxation and onboarding of remote employees
  • Identify key trends regarding data privacy, fair workweek and predictive scheduling, meal and rest break regulations, and pay transparency

It’s a complex time for compliance. Watch the webinar and gain some clarity.