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The Case for Compliance Agility

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The Case for Compliance Agility

Leaders need to become more flexible about compliance to meet regulations and beat the competition.

During this webinar, Karina Monesson, Sr. Manager, HCM Research & Advisory and Colleen Rynne, Director of Product Compliance, Regulatory and Tax Research Team at UKG examine current compliance trends and how to anticipate future trends. 

View the webinar to gain insight into: 

  • How to get ahead of compliance trends, and why doing so is good for business 

  • Three critical compliance trends: vaccine management, pay transparency, and data privacy 

  • The impact (and growing importance) of environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) metrics 

Rather than viewing compliance as a set, stagnant force to react to from time to time, leaders will need to become agile in their approach to compliance — to stay ahead of the law, as well as the competition. 

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