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The Buzz: How UKG Pro Helped a $1 Billion+ Insurance Broker Scale HR and Payroll Through Rapid Growth

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The Buzz: A Coffee Chat with UKG Customers Featuring AssuredPartners

In this candid, 30-minute coffee chat, Diego Suarez, VP of Payroll, HRIS and M&A Integration at AssuredPartners, discusses how the UKG Pro® suite has helped the large insurance brokerage firm manage HR and payroll complexity through more than 485 acquisitions. Since Diego joined AssuredPartners in 2011, the company has grown to more than 10, 500 employees and $1 billion in revenue. Hear how he replaced the legacy HRIS and payroll system with UKG Pro, enabling the firm to seamlessly onboard new acquisitions and manage payroll, taxes, compliance, and reporting with optimal efficiency.