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Build a Community of Happy Campers with UKG Talk

Learn how to create a culture of happy campers with UKG Talk™, the powerful solution that drives business efficiencies, improves employee engagement, and more.

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When your retail workforce is filled with happy campers, your customers will be happy too!

Learn how UKG Talk, the mobile-first solution that integrates with your organization’s current systems, enables instant connection and easier collaboration, and creates a greater sense of belonging among your frontline employees. When you have a workforce filled with happy campers, you’ll have happy customers too!

Retail expert Leslie Hand, Group Vice President of Retail and Financial Insights at IDC, and Erika Sandoval, Global Senior Partner of the HCM Strategic Advisory Group at UKG, discuss current challenges in the retail industry and examine how retailers can overcome obstacles to achieve a highly engaged frontline workforce and drive positive business outcomes. There is also a brief demo of the UKG Talk solution.

Learn how UKG Talk can improve the retail employee experience today.