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Bring Your Frontline Workforce to the Forefront: HR Inclusion Strategies for Retail, Hospitality, and Food Service

Your frontline employees are critical to your organization’s success. Learn how to bolster their work experience and integrate them into your inclusion strategy.

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For the retail, hospitality, and food service industries, the pandemic made it clear that frontline employees are critical to an organization’s success and brand perception, ultimately impacting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

But hiring and retaining talent in this sector has become challenging in today’s economy. Prospective employees expect more from their workplace, like increased pay, flexible scheduling, inclusion, and diversity.

While organizations are investing heavily in inclusion strategies, their efforts tend to prioritize their corporate workforce and customers — and often fail to reach frontline workers. So how can they integrate and embrace them in this new era of inclusion at work?

In this webinar replay, Erika Sandoval. Principal Human Insights Program Manager, UKG, shares strategies for improving the experience for all employees, particularly those on the ground. You will:

  • Explore the challenges and future implications of frontline workers
  • Learn strategies that help attract, support, and enhance frontline employee engagement
  • Uncover key inclusive practices that connect and include the frontline experience