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Bridging the Leadership Gap: Management Styles for Different Generations

The changing makeup of the modern workforce is well-established. Employers can take advantage of the best of each generation’s work styles for positive impact.

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Bridging the Gap

With a wide range of employees from many different generations in the current workforce simultaneously, it’s obvious to many employers that each generation has unique needs. However, the different leadership styles of each generation — and their potential strengths for the organization — are often overlooked.

Join Teresa Smith, Director of Human Insights and HCM Strategic Advisory, for best practices in bridging the gap between employees and managers of various generation. Discover how understanding the different leadership styles preferred by each generation can help foster better collaboration than ever.

Learning objectives:

  • Why leaders of different generations have different styles and how that impacts the culture and the well-being of the workforce.​
  • How to strengthen relationships between leaders that have different backgrounds and experiences.​
  • Best practices to promote growth and trust across the organization.

Enjoy this webinar replay from the June 2023 HR & Payroll eSymposium. Note: This webinar replay is not pre-approved for recertification credits; please self-submit where applicable to request credit approval.