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Better at Managing: 3 Reasons, 4 Ways, and 1 Practical Action Plan

Enjoy this webinar replay from the spring 2022 HR & Payroll eSymposium

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Better at Managing: 3 Reasons, 4 Ways, and 1 Practical Action Plan - Mobile

Managing others is not easy. Many times managers are promoted to the role because they have been good individual contributors. And, as a manager, there are many skills to learn and master. While training is the usual answer for companies, it is not the only answer, nor should it be. Even long-time managers have room to improve.

Dr. Chris Mullen discusses the importance of being a better manager, the four ways to become a better manager, and how to develop a practical action plan.

In this webinar replay you will:

  • Understand the importance of being a great manager for your employees and the organization
  • Learn what you can do to become a better manager
  • Complete a written action plan so you can improve what you have learned

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About the Speaker

Dr. Chris Mullen, PhD, SPHR, SHRM-SCP | Executive Director, Workforce Institute | UKG

Dr. Chris Mullen, PhD, SPHR, SHRM-SCP is the executive director of The Workforce Institute at UKG and a sought-after speaker, thought leader, and executive coach. His 15-year career as an HR practitioner and leader shaped his Ph.D. work in work-life negotiation. In his role, Dr. Mullen leads the institute’s education and research initiatives, which focuses on empowering organizations with meaningful strategies to improve employee engagement by delivering a modern work experience. His insights have been featured in publications including Harvard Business Review, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Inc., MSNBC, and NBC News.