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Best Practices for Addressing Today’s Transit Worker Shortage

Learn how to provide great service during the transit worker shortage from experts at the American Public Transportation Association, Foursquare ITP, and UKG

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Learn what you can do now to navigate the road ahead

In the wake of a pandemic that’s strained budgets and forced service reductions, most U.S. public transit agencies are still struggling with a serious worker shortage — 96% of them, to be exact. Yet, little has been known about its root causes and effects, and more importantly, what agencies can do about it. Until now.

A recent report created for the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) by transportation planning firm Foursquare ITP reveals new findings about the macro trends and causes of the shortage and provides recommended actions transit agencies can take to address it.

In this timely webinar, Matthew Dickens, Director of Policy Development and Research at APTA; Reinaldo Germano, Senior Transportation Planner & Task Lead at Foursquare ITP; and Bob Lavigna, UKG Public Sector Senior Fellow, discuss the report findings and answer your questions about:

  • What caused the shortage and why it matters
  • Best practices for recruiting, hiring, and retaining transit workers
  • How workforce management and human capital management solutions can help you improve workplace culture, streamline scheduling, and more

Watch now to learn actionable strategies for attracting and retaining your transit workers.