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UKG Banking Solutions Product Tour

Watch this product tour video to discover how UKG Banking Solutions can help you optimize banking operations while delivering a quality consumer experience.

Enhance consumers’ digital banking experience and improve the efficiency of branch operations

People expect the ease of digital experiences in most everything they do, including when interacting with their financial institutions. This tour of UKG Banking Solutions illustrates the benefits of digital banking for consumers, account holders, and employees.

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    Account holders can book appointments using the mobile app or online, selecting virtual, phone, or in-person meetings.

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    Guests can sign in via a lobby tablet or kiosk and remotely check lobby wait times to see when it’s best to visit.

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    Data analytics help forecast branch activity, so staff can be scheduled to meet expected guest traffic and service needs.

UKG Banking Solutions gives you the tools you need to deliver an enhanced banking experience to consumers, more optimally schedule staff, and make data-driven decisions to maximize productivity.

Watch this UKG Banking Solutions product tour to see how you can provide a digital banking experience and enhanced customer service that will boost engagement and satisfaction.