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Workforce Scheduler for Healthcare

Workforce Scheduler™, part of the integrated, web-based Workforce Central® management suite, enables the successful execution of the daily mission critical issues presented by staffing and scheduling your most valuable asset — the workforce. The solution automates the creation of work schedules based on a forecast of predicted patient volume, with consideration of employee skills, experience, and preferences.

Workforce Scheduler for Healthcare

Using Workforce Scheduler solution to schedule and staff allows you to:

  • Assign the right nurse or caregiver to the right patient
  • Achieve appropriate skill mix to support quality care
  • Reduce staff overtime and agency use
  • Improve visibility with whole-house views
  • Quickly rebalance staff based on patient intensity
  • Increase staff satisfaction through self-service and mobile capabilities
  • Support predictive scheduling with volume-based workload forecasts

Download the Workforce Scheduler datasheet to learn how this solution can help your organization create schedules that match actual census, patient intensity and nursing workload to provide high-quality, cost-effective care.