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Workforce Management Strategic Advisor Value Engagement (SAVE) Datasheet

A strategic advisor value engagement (SAVE) can solve known workforce management solution issues and deliver fast, validated results for improving performance.

Organizations dealing with issues such as pay rule configurations, manual edits, too many historical corrections, and other inefficiencies, as well as events like acquisitions and divestments, can use SAVE to quickly identify root causes, execute changes and improvements, and review results.

Workforce Management Strategic Advisor Value Engagement (SAVE) Datasheet

In just eight weeks from onsite discovery, clarification, and planning to going live, SAVE is designed to focus on a small number of pre-identified issues that are preventing organizations from getting the most from their solutions. By limiting the engagement to specific, known challenges, you can quickly optimize and realize improved results from your UKG™ (Ultimate Kronos Group) investment. SAVE allows you to embrace best practices to drive efficiency and utilization while you reduce costs.

Download this informative datasheet to learn more about how SAVE can help your organization quickly see increased benefits from your UKG solution.