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Workforce Management and Pay

Drive efficiencies, increase productivity, and secure the trust of your people.

Pay and Workforce Management

Learn how UKG® Workforce Management and Pay solutions can help you drive efficiencies by automating processes, empower employees with self-service tools, support compliance with regulations, and create a culture that helps employees feel more financially secure.

Our modern workforce management technology lets you streamline complex workflows, ensure fair schedules, optimize forecasting and scheduling labor, and increase labor-costing accuracy. Combined with the smartest, flexible payroll solution, teams can quickly generate paychecks and direct-deposit files; automatically determine federal, state, and local taxes; give employees access to their pay when their shift ends; and support compliance with regulations.

UKG workforce management and payroll solutions bring all this functionality together in a single, unified UKG solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing HRIS and provides:

  • Artificial intelligence capabilities to create best-fit schedules
  • Insight from real-time data and meaningful workforce analytics
  • Pay insights that provide alerts and pay services that automate deductions and filings
  • Employee self-service tools for shift swaps and employee access to their pay, accrual, and schedule information
  • Financial wellbeing tools that let employees easily access their pay and budgeting information, and model their future pay

Download this solution overview to learn more about the many ways that UKG Workforce Management and Pay delivers extensive benefits to your organization.