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UKG Webhooks

Transform the way you get notified when data changes occur in UKG Pro®. Receive near real-time notifications as soon as changes happen with UKG Webhooks.

Empower people leaders to quickly respond to data modifications that happen within your HCM (Human Capital Management). 

When employees update their information—whether it is a change in their address, common life events such as marital status, or emergency contact, it is critical that admins get notified right away so that important HR processes are updated promptly. With webhooks, teams can be notified in near real-time when data changes occur, allowing people leaders to take appropriate and immediate action, either manually or programmatically. UKG Webhooks in UKG Pro promptly connect customer systems and applications resulting in:

  • Timely decision-making: Free up valuable time and resources spent manually checking for data changes, so you can focus on strategic initiatives and employee support and act straight away when notified of an event change.
  • Better Data Synchronization: Quickly sync up relevant data to immediately update high-priority tasks such as tax deductions and employee benefits choices as a result of changes in employee information in your HCM, ensuring better compliance and data accuracy.
  • Efficient HR Processes: Automate and speed up time-sensitive HR processes such as kicking off new hire onboarding orientation tasks or removing system access in case of terminations, increasing employee trust and engagement

Never miss a change in UKG Pro again. Be confident knowing your information is up-to-date and ensure employee data integrity stays accurate.

Excited to learn how faster and more effective data change communications can benefit your organization? Download the UKG Webhooks spotlight profile to find out!