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UKG Wallet Product Profile

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UKG Wallet Product Profile

Hundreds of millions of workers live paycheck to paycheck, not knowing if they’ll have enough money to get through to the next paycheck. The traditional payday isn’t built to handle life moments that pops up out of nowhere. Having timely access to pay before their regular scheduled payday has the power to help people stay ahead of costly fees and pay for everyday things when they need it most.

UKG Wallet™ is an earned wage access solution, powered by Payactiv, built to elevate the pay experience and support people by providing timely access to pay when they need it most, leading to happier and more engaged employees. At no cost to employers and its simple integration, your organization can get set up without interrupting payroll and have users going within just a few weeks’ time.

Financial tools and resources are included to help people stay on the right financial track offering guidance and savings for long-term financial success, going beyond earned wage access. The journey towards financial wellness starts with UKG Wallet.

Want to see what makes UKG Wallet different? Download the Wallet product profile to learn:

  • Why earned wage access is on the rise
  • How UKG Wallet goes beyond EWA
  • About the many benefits your organizations and your people can see