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UKG Wallet Financial Wellness Tools Spotlight Profile

Go beyond earned wage access and achieve financial wellness

UKG prepaid Visa® card

Hundreds of millions of workers live paycheck to paycheck, not knowing if they’ll have enough money to get through to the next paycheck. The traditional payday isn’t built to handle life moments that pop up out of nowhere. Having timely access to pay before their regular scheduled payday has the power to help people stay ahead of costly fees and pay for everyday things when they need it most.

UKG Wallet is designed to provide people with immediate access to their earned wages while also empowering them with budgeting tools, educational resources, and financial counseling. By complementing traditional earned wage access and on-demand pay with an emphasis on financial literacy and planning, UKG Wallet can help alleviate financial stress and help people better maximize their earnings..

Financial tools and resources are included to help people stay on the right financial track offering guidance and savings for long-term financial success, going beyond earned wage access. To help people achieve financial wellness in their journey, having the guidance, tools, and resources are crucial to long-term success. From the UKG Wallet app**, people can:

  • Take advantage of savings and budgeting tools like SmartSave and SmartSpend to help maximize savings goals and limit spending
  • One on one financial counseling and articles to learn how to deal with certain situations in case of emergencies or social situations
  • Access the Discount Marketplace to save money on everyday essentials

All of these effective tools and features are included at no cost to users with UKG Wallet. Download this spotlight profile to learn more about the UKG Wallet tools and features built to potentially help make a difference for millions of people.

**Central Bank of Kansas City is the issuer of the UKG Visa Prepaid Card only and does not administer, endorse, nor is liable for the UKG Wallet App.