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UKG Virtual Roster and UKG Pit Manager

Easily generate and maintain team schedules for the Table Games department.

75% reduction possible in time required to generate and manage schedules

UKG Virtual Roster and UKG Pit Manager give you the tools to generate and manage team schedules across the table games floor while ensuring accuracy, fairness, and equity.

Drive more efficient and profitable casino floor management

  • Modify strings on the fly
  • Manage dealers coming on and off breaks
  • Predictively assign dealers when tables are open or closed Automatically notify dealers of table assignments Use dealer table assignment history for security or surveillance inquiries

With so many moving parts on the casino floor, it’s easy for guest service to get lost. Working from a single source of comprehensive, up-to-date information about the table games department, managers can make staffing decisions that deliver a great guest experience and maximize profits.

Download this informative piece to learn how you can succeed with the casino solution used by more than 200 casinos in 11 countries.