Simplify Vaccine Management Processes for Your Workforce with UKG

Track, manage, and act on employee vaccine data all on a secure, digital platform.

UKG is ensuring your employees feel safe, supported, and confident in their ability to work amidst changing regulations and mandates. With the recent OSHA “Vaccine or Test” Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS), employers across states and industries are having to consider how to manage vaccine tracking in a safe, secure, and efficient way. 

UKG Vaccine Management, powered by our integrated HR Service Delivery (HRSD) platform, provides a seamless way for organizations to track, manage, and act on employee vaccine data on a secure, digital platform.

  • Discover a centralized platform for employees to disclose proof of vaccine or exemption details  
  • Learn how to assign tasks to employees for regularly self-reporting COVID-19 test results
  • See how easy and manageable it is for HR to configure workflows to meet the evolving needs of your workforce in pandemic, and beyond

Download the product profile now for a closer look at our people-centered approach to vaccine management.

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