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UKG for Third-Party Logistics Industry Brief

UKG for Logistics can help third-party logistics providers control labor costs, improve workforce productivity, and minimize compliance risk. Better visibility into labor costs and performance can also help 3PLs profitably meet service level goals.

UKG for Third-Party Logistics Industry Brief

As supply chains become more global in nature and demand increases for omnichannel support, third-party logistics providers are being challenged to adapt and innovate in the highly competitive logistics marketplace. More than ever, 3PLs need systems in place to optimize labor costs and performance so that they can meet increasing customer demands while maintaining profitability. An agile, flexible workforce — operating at maximum efficiency — is critical to achieving these goals.

Workforce management can help by providing the visibility and controls operations managers need to manage labor costs, increase workforce productivity, and deliver on service level expectations.

Download this industry brief to learn how UKG for Third-Party Logistics can provide visibility into real-time workforce management data to realize these goals.