UKG TeleStaff for Fire and EMS Sample Reports

See the solution’s broad selection of informative reports on valuable workforce information.

View the UKG TeleStaff™ for Fire and EMS Sample Reports to see how having extensive labor, costs, scheduling, and management reports supports informed decisions.

Having fast, easy access to detailed workforce information is critical to fire department supervisors in effectively and efficiently managing fire and EMS personnel. The UKG TeleStaff for Fire and EMS solution delivers a wide array of standard reports that give supervisors the information they need to optimize managing their workforce.

UKG TeleStaff for Fire and EMS Sample Reports illustrates the solution’s range of features and benefits, including:

  • Up-to-date accruals information so supervisors know how much time an employee has available
  • Verification of when staff members were contacted about open shifts and by whom
  • Detailed roster information, enabling supervisors to see which personnel are assigned and unassigned
  • Estimated costs by person, unit, rank, shift, and work code for forecasting and budget preparation
  • Automatically adding work code data to FEMA forms to streamline reimbursement

Download this informative piece to learn more about UKG TeleStaff for Fire and EMS reporting options and how the solution can help your department most effectively manage personnel.

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