UKG TeleStaff Extra Duty Events

Manage extra duty event job details with streamlined workflows in UKG TeleStaff version 7.4

Extra Duty scheduling drives significant challenges when relying on manual systems and paper trails. With the UKG TeleStaff Extra Duty Events module, you can streamline the requisition process, creating schedules that are best suited for your organization and budget.

Paired with UKG TeleStaff version 7.4, you can leverage the power of IVR, email, and SMS to fill vacancies through the roster.

With a unified scheduling experience, UKG TeleStaff Extra Duty Events includes numerous benefits for staff at all levels:

  • Make intelligent staffing decisions with real-time visibility
  • Minimize compliance risk by meeting predefined scheduling criteria
  • Empower your people with self-service tools

Download this informative piece to learn more about the many advantages of using UKG TeleStaff.

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