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UKG TeleStaff Cloud for Fire-Rescue and EMS

Meeting the unique scheduling and notification needs of fire-rescue and EMS.

Manual and semiautomated scheduling of fire-rescue and EMS employees are insufficient and can affect safety and compliance. Learn how UKG TeleStaff™ Cloud adeptly manages complex fire-rescue/EMS schedules and communication to ensure optimal coverage with the right staff.

Discover how UKG TeleStaff Cloud creates rules-based schedules that align fire-rescue and EMS employee qualifications, certifications, availability, and preferences with expected service demands and follows agency, union, and HR rules and practices.

Automating your agency’s scheduling and communication processes with UKG TeleStaff Cloud enables you to:

  • Simplify complex scheduling and minimize compliance and safety risks
  • Communicate quickly, intelligently, and reliably for immediate action
  • Ensure schedules are fair and equitable
  • Control labor costs, optimize resources, and gain budget visibility
  • Increase employee autonomy, engagement, and productivity

Download this informative guide to learn more about how UKG TeleStaff Cloud can help your fire-rescue/EMS agency create schedules based on your unique rules and policies, deliver actionable reporting, and provide full scheduling transparency.

“UKG TeleStaff has proved to be a great resource for all our staffing needs. Our end-users enjoy the ease of it to access their specific calendars and work assignments. It is the most user-friendly program we’ve ever experienced. It saved us.”

Battalion Chief Jim Birrell
Monterey Park Fire Department