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UKG TeleStaff in the Cloud

UKG TeleStaff™ Cloud gives public safety agencies 24/7 access to automated scheduling and notification functionality to more effectively manage their staff. Learn in this UKG TeleStaff in the Cloud technical paper how the Google Cloud Platform ensures you can quickly access the information you need to manage complex schedules, minimize compliance risk, control labor costs, and improve workforce productivity.

The platform extends the value of your solution without your having to purchase additional hardware, operating systems, or database licenses. You have peace of mind knowing that UKG technical consultants are managing your applications and data, and you can reduce demands placed on your in-house IT staff.

UKG TeleStaff in the Cloud

In this technical paper, learn about the extended functionality and offerings that are included in UKG TeleStaff Cloud, such as:

  • Data center infrastructure, network connectivity, data communications, and more
  • System backup and recovery, security policies, and SLA policies and management
  • Integration

Download this informative piece for details on how UKG TeleStaff Cloud maximizes the availability of your solution, so you can best deploy your workforce to meet public safety needs.