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UKG Ready NFC Tags

Enhance your organization’s efficiency with just a simple tap of a smartphone. By incorporating Near Field Communication (NFC) tags into your work environment, you’re enabling your frontline workers to simplify routine tasks.

The UKG Ready® mobile app and NFC tags give your organization the ability to:

  • Place the tags strategically in convenient locations throughout your organization, including on employee badges, office equipment, and meeting room doors, to help employees conveniently complete tasks on a smartphone.
  • Enable your team to quickly find the documents they need and streamline the submission process by setting up dedicated NFC tags for key forms such as leave requests, time off, and workers’ compensation to place these essential actions within easy reach. 
  • Allow employees to clock in and out on a mobile device, helping you to track where and how long they worked in each area along with the associated pay rates so you can confidently finalize timesheets and run payroll. 

Read our NFC tag product profile to understand all the ways in which UKG Ready helps you manage day-to-day tasks quickly with the tap of a mobile device.