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UKG Ready Hypercare Program

The UKG Ready™ Hypercare Program provides the coaching and support your organization needs for greater self-sufficiency after go-live.

Hypercare is focused on empowering your system administrators to troubleshoot and support your UKG Ready solution so your organization enjoys early and ongoing success.

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UKG Ready Hypercare Program

This thorough six-week Hypercare Program from UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group) is designed to help up to three of your system administrators become in-house UKG Ready experts. As they increase their proficiency with your human capital management solution, they will learn about and/or participate in:

  • Phase 1: system troubleshooting, escalation paths, virtual sessions, best practices
  • Phase 2: configuration management, daily processing, additional virtual sessions

Download this informative piece to learn more about how the Hypercare Program can increase your organization’s self-sufficiency with UKG Ready and ease your transition to standard UKG support.