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UKG Ready HR: Spotlight on Position Management

Streamline the management of position changes within your organization and gain better visibility and reporting with UKG Ready® HR positioning management tools. 

Managing and budgeting for position changes within your organizational structure is challenging, but UKG Ready® HR has the position management tools you need to streamline the process while managing your employee records all in one place.

Ready Position Management simplifies HR tasks by eliminating the need to reenter information whenever there are changes while providing better visibility and reporting for better decision making around hiring and succession planning. Ready position management tools help:

  • Streamline position management through multiple automated tasks from a central location
  • Increase visibility into position data in real time for better informed, in-the-moment management and planning
  • Mitigate compliance risk by aligning positions with necessary training and credentials and ensuring adherence to all federal, state, and local labor laws.

Download this product spotlight to learn more about how UKG Ready positioning management can reduce the administrative burden on your HR team while facilitating better decision making for your organization.