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UKG Ready COVID Response Hub

Keep your people safe and informed while keeping your business moving forward.
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UKG Ready COVID Response Hub

Organizations have had to rework their people processes and operations in response to the COVID-19 pandemic – and more organizations are looking to leverage technology to support their new ways of working and to help keep their people safe and informed while keeping their business moving forward.

In this interactive product tour see how the COVID Response Hub in UKG Ready™ (formerly Kronos Workforce Ready®) helps you easily manage and track everything from employee communication and vaccines to COVID cases and contact tracing.

In this interactive product tour, explore the UKG Ready COVID Response Hub and learn how it can help you support your new people processes and operations.

The COVID Response Hub gives your organization the ability to:

  • Better support the safety and wellbeing of your and reduce the risk of a potential outbreak
  • Support more frequent, relevant, and transparent employee communications
  • Ensure the continuity of your people operations

Check out our interactive product tour to understand all the ways UKG Ready supports your organization’s COVID response.