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UKG Ready Charts and Dashboards

Keeping up with your people data is critical to success for HR, payroll, and managers alike, but digging through line after line of information in table just isn’t possible with all the other day-to-day tasks you need to accomplish. The UKG Ready® solution makes it easy to spend less time organizing data and more time acting on it. Charts and dashboards are available across the system, helping you intuitively visualize the facts that make an impact.

UKG Ready Charts and Dashboards

Quick Visualization Builds
The Ready Visualization Tool stays consistent and simple across all your reports, letting you select specific data points and add the charts that work best to show them right from the main report screen on any device.

Actionable Displays
The charts you add are interactive and shareable, letting you dig into key details fast and provide the right insights to those who need them.

Personalized Dashboards
Ready dashboards adjust to fit the needs of the different people using the system, supporting specific roles and focus areas