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UKG Ready and Bullhorn: Integrated Staffing and Recruiting

Integrating the Bullhorn staffing and recruiting platform with UKG Ready™ delivers a seamless workflow to easily manage placements and contracts.

Bullhorn's best-of-breed applicant tracking platform allows staffing firms to streamline candidate management, from sourcing and submittal to interview and placement. By integrating the Bullhorn solution with UKG Ready, you can extend the management of contract and temporary employees throughout the full employee lifecycle — with a single employee record.

UKG Ready and Bullhorn: Integrated Staffing and Recruiting

The Bullhorn integration eliminates costly, error-prone, manual input of employee placements, allowing you to fill jobs and automate onboarding more efficiently. The integration allows you to:

  • Integrate timecard approvals
  • Deliver accurate pay
  • Deliver superior service

Download the fact sheet to learn how the Bullhorn integration allows staffing organizations to support compliance to contract, along with accountability and transparency.