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UKG Ready Accruals Manager

UKG Ready® Accruals Manager enables you to streamline your accrued time off process by automatically calculating and enforcing your organization’s policies while providing both employees and managers visibility into information they need to make informed decisions.

UKG Ready Accruals Manager

Discover the ways that UKG Ready Accruals Manager helps you to speed up and simplify time-off requests and approvals, calculate and track accruals based on your organization’s specific policies, and provide both employees and managers the ability to take action from anywhere on any device.

Accruals Manager gives your organization the ability to:

  • Calculate and track accruals based on criteria you define such as hours worked, seniority, pay grade, attendance, performance, and/or wellness points
  • Leverage comprehensive reporting and analytics to gain visibility into trends
  • Increase transparency by providing access to accrual information at any time and from any device

Read our Accruals Manager product profile to understand all the ways UKG Ready helps you drive efficiencies in executing your accrued time off strategy.