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UKG Ready ACA Manager

UKG Ready® ACA Manager enables you to easily manage ACA compliance by streamlining the collection of employees’ hours, automating policies, and monitoring critical metrics, while providing proactive alerts to help you drive efficiency as you manage your ACA strategy.

UKG Ready ACA Manager

Discover the ways that UKG Ready ACA Manager helps you to adhere to the latest ACA policies, monitor key metrics, and streamline the year-end filing process through an effective closed-loop administration process.

ACA Manager gives your organization the ability to:

  • Ensure your policies are aligned with federal regulations and enforced consistently and fairly across all of your employees
  • Collect pertinent information across time, HR, and payroll in once place
  • Simplify your year-end process with auto-populated files based on the trusted information collected throughout the year

Read our ACA Manager product profile to understand all the ways UKG Ready helps you effectively manage your ACA strategy and mitigate compliance risk.