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UKG Pro Workforce Continuity

When a crisis occurs, employers often find themselves scrambling to answer a surge of questions and needing to track changes to their workforce at large. UKG Pro™ Workforce Continuity offers a way for businesses to plan for and respond to change with agility, minimize risk and disruption for their people, and build a more connected workforce.

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The solution comprises three innovations: Workforce Continuity Hub for administrators, and Personal Impact Form and Safety Check-In for employees.

  • Prioritize Employee Well-Being - Put your people’s safety and security at the forefront, especially in the event of an emergency. Provide leaders with a powerful tool for capturing the most critical information and checking in to see whether their people are safe throughout a crisis.
  • Increase Trust, Communication - Build open, transparent lines of communication with teams, increasing their frequency to ensure that impacted individuals are looked after. Provide a way for managers to get alerted quickly and take immediate steps to mitigate workforce impacts.
  • Protect Critical Operations - Understand the potential impacts to teams, including effects on people’s health, productivity, and engagement. Enhance visibility into your people, access insights based on location or event, and effectively respond to protect critical business functions.