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UKG Pro Timekeeping

UKG Pro™ Timekeeping helps organizations save time and resources by enabling more accurate time collection, ultimately reducing payroll errors and costly overtime for employees.

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With the reduction of manual, time-consuming administrative tasks, the digitally transformed solution helps improve workforce productivity, so your staff can focus on more strategic initiatives.

  • Improve Productivity
    Automate and streamline time-consuming tasks, improving the efficiency of major workflows.
  • Engage Employees
    Make it easy for your workforce to see and manage all shift, holiday, and time-off information, as well as view schedules, in one place.
  • Ensure Compliance
    Allow your people to view critical information at a glance, helping to ensure regulatory guidelines are being enforced.
  • Manage Labor Costs
    Assure fewer payroll errors are occurring by enabling visibility into timecards and exceptions.