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UKG Pro Succession

By proactively managing your talent, you can develop people’s readiness to step into key roles while reducing costs associated with talent acquisition. UKG Pro™ Succession  enables you to create flexible, comprehensive, and executable succession plans at all levels to help your organization prepare for a successful future.

UKG Pro Succession

Develop People’s Strengths
Personal development plans help employees nurture the talents that contribute to an organization’s success. With Pro, your people can achieve the skills and competencies they need for career advancement and personal fulfillment.

Identify Potential Successors
Gain a better understanding of your current talent and future pipeline with Pro Succession. You can find, track, and compare individuals to identify and evaluate potential successors for specific roles within your organization.

Gain Rich Talent Insight
With Pro you can utilize robust people analytics and reporting capabilities to empower informed decisions about the mobility of your talent throughout the organization, providing a complete view of your workforce in one place.