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UKG Pro SMS Shift Fill

From company policies and employee preferences to audit reporting and tracking, UKG Pro® SMS Shift Fill (formerly UKG Dimensions® SMS Shift Fill) automates the management of filling your open shifts quickly, efficiently, and fairly. 

UKG Dimensions SMS Shift Fill

UKG Pro SMS Shift Fill delivers a comprehensive shift filling solution across all industries. The intuitive, elevated shift fill experience helps you more effectively and efficiently manage open shifts and staffing levels — across all locations and for all your people — to build a more connected and meaningful life-work experience.

Discover all the ways the UKG Pro SMS Shift Fill helps you quickly engage with your people making a positive impact on your employee experience.

Specifically designed for busy people – across all locations – to fill open shifts fast.

  • Get intelligent insights on scheduling needs.
  • Provide a personalized mobile experience for managers to fill open shifts fast.
  • Take quick action from your UKG homepage using the seamless integration tile.

Download this product profile to get all the details on what the UKG Pro SMS Shift Fill has to offer and start feeling empowered and supported wherever your work or life takes you.