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UKG Pro Smart Dashboard

Today, more than ever, it’s imperative to provide your people with solutions that are convenient and help improve their overall work experience. UKG Pro™ delivers HR, payroll, and talent management capabilities in one, unified cloud solution backed by powerful analytics. The smart dashboard within UKG Pro offers a centralized portal that makes it easy to access the information and tools your people need to work more efficiently.

UKG Pro Smart Dashboard

Personalized User Experience
Your people can personalize their Pro experience with fast, convenient access to frequently visited links. They simply select the links they use most often and add them to the designated Favorites menu. Employees can also modify individual dashboard tiles and make adjustments at any time.

Unique Branding Capabilities
Configuring UKG Pro to reflect your company’s unique branding is easy. Administrators can add the company logo to be displayed at the top of the solution, as well as adjust the color scheme as needed.

Role-Based Access
Depending on a person’s role, the smart dashboard within UKG Pro will display the options available to them. For example, managers can view their team roster on the dashboard and click on any employee to pull up their record. In addition, all people can view their most current pay information, as well as any upcoming or past-due requests.