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UKG Pro Scheduling

Slow and inaccurate scheduling processes can make it difficult to schedule a diverse workforce — and can result in decreased productivity, wasted labor expense, and risk of noncompliance. UKG Pro® Scheduling (formerly UKG Dimensions® Scheduling), powered by advanced artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, is the automated solution that can help you create best-fit schedules on purpose for all people.

UKG Dimensions Scheduling

Discover all the ways the UKG Pro Scheduling helps streamline processes and decrease errors directly impacting the bottom line for everyone.

Smart schedules purposefully built with automation that aligns labor to demand.

  • Comply with complicated scheduling rules and manage without worry in real-time.
  • Empower all people with self-service and mobile scheduling.
  • Improve the quality of employee scheduling by having a precise forecast.

Download this product profile to get all the details on what the UKG Pro Scheduling has to offer and start feeling empowered and supported wherever your work or life takes you.