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UKG Pro Recruiting

The complexity of traditional recruiting systems can create disengaging and burdensome experiences for candidates, increasing application abandonment and decreasing the chances of finding the right people. UKG Pro™ Recruiting offers a unique, candidate-centric design that helps engage candidates with familiar technology they want to use, so you can start building successful relationships from the first interaction.

UKG Pro Recruiting

Relationship-Driven Recruiting
Pro Recruiting enables you to focus on getting to know potential hires during the recruiting process, so you can find the right people to grow your business.

Engaging Candidate Experience
Remove common barriers and obstacles for candidates and create an easy, personalized, and enjoyable experience with Pro’s social and mobile technology.

Simplified Recruiting Processes
Through features such as seamless integration with LinkedIn and flexible configuration options, recruiters and hiring managers have a simpler, more meaningful way to source and hire talent.