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UKG Pro Performance and Coaching

UKG Pro™ Performance and Coaching is reimagining performance management to inspire greater action from employees and managers throughout the year—rather than once annually. With our modern, collaborative talent development solutions, organizations can achieve collaborative reviews, meaningful people conversations, attainable goal-setting, and year-round developmental feedback.

UKG Pro Performance and Coaching

Understand Performance Variables
Connect more data points across the employee journey, identifying opportunities to grow and add value in their current roles, while preparing for future success. With ongoing 360° feedback, leaders can maximize opportunities to boost engagement, drive alignment, and support organizational connectedness.

Instill Growth Mindsets
Encourage greater collaboration in one-on-one meetings and provide clearer delegation of tasks and action items for more impactful goal setting. Powered by UKG’s advanced artificial intelligence (AI) engine, Pro Performance and Coaching helps remove latency and bias, while promoting a culture of civility.

Future-Proof Your Talent
Empower your people to make the right career moves and thrive in purpose-led positions that speak to their different interests and ambitions. With Pro Succession, leaders have increased visibility into performance and skilling adaptations to reward innovation and prepare their workforce for the opportunities of tomorrow.