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UKG Pro Onboarding

The onboarding experience can have a significant impact on an employee’s future at their new organization. UKG Pro™ Onboarding delivers unique, collaborative technologies that help your new hires connect to your company in a way that is both personal and impactful. Start building successful relationships, increasing employee engagement, and improving business performance before day one with Pro Onboarding

UKG Pro Onboarding

Focus on People
Pro Onboarding delivers an engaging, productive, and person-centered experience for new hires that focuses on people over process, so you can help your people unlock their potential and become more productive, faster.

Provide Personal Welcome
When a person joins your organization, they’re greeted by Pro’s sleek new hire dashboard, which displays all the tasks, information, and tools a new employee needs. You can personalize a welcome message, add dynamic content, and more.

Foster Lasting Connections
With Pro Onboarding, you can help new hires feel an immediate sense of connection to your organization from their very first day and foster productive, lasting relationships.