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UKG Pro Forecasting

UKG Pro® Forecasting (formerly UKG Dimensions® Forecasting) informs effective scheduling by making accurate and timely predictions. Our self-tuning and patented Machine Learning (ML) algorithm automatically learns from trends and data unique to you. Forecasting identifies well-validated patterns, creates best-fit schedules for all, and establishes more accurate forecasts, achieved through machine learning, for an optimized workforce. Be confident in accurate schedules and trust our patented ML algorithm to drive optimized schedules for your business and your people.

UKG Dimensions - Forecasting

Deliver timely schedules to every person by using an accurate forecast that provides:

  • A unique artificial intelligence (AI) forecasting solution powered by an extensible platform as a service
  • An effective periodic or seasonal coverage with self-tuning insights
  • Leveraging full power of data to use patterns in the past to predict the future
  • Ability to analyze staffing measurements to make smarter adjustments in the moment
  • Ideal schedules influenced by purposeful workforce management data across the organization’s history