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UKG Pro: Designing the Accessible Workforce Experience

This quick guide outlines the steps UKG is taking to make our solutions work for all users.
UKG Pro: Designing the Accessible Workforce Experience

At UKG, we understand that accessible design is good design. Our goal is to remove as many barriers for as many users as possible, and deliver a consistent user experience (UX) that works for all employees.

By making accessibility and inclusive design core to our UX strategy, we’re able to position HR as a force for people-centric transformation no matter the size or industry of your organization.

This quick guide details our approach to accessibility, including:

  • Web content guidelines that inform our product design decisions
  • The features of our accessible mobile design
  • Our inclusive, assistive candidate experience

Download our guide now and discover how UKG solutions can make HR and workforce management more accessible for people of all levels of ability.