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UKG Pro Benefits Integrations

Connect the critical systems your organization relies on with ease. With our strategic approach, you can simplify data integrations with the right platforms, frameworks, and toolkits to build integrations with UKG’s solutions - so you can drive significant cost savings, increased scalability, and improved visibility

UKG Pro Benefits Integration

Managing employee data for multiple benefits carriers can be a tedious administrative burden and any errors can create costly corrections or impact your employees’ coverage.

But by partnering with a vendor with extensive experience and expertise powered by seamless, transparent integration technology between your HCM solution and your benefits carriers, you can streamline processes and create a smoother experience for your people.

Leverage seamless integrations and extensive expertise with our innovative Pro Benefits Integrations technology.

  • Faster benefits integrations: Streamline the setup experience and reduce the time it takes to integrate with your benefits carriers through standardized, prebuilt benefits carrier integrations and extensive integration expertise that enable a faster delivery with less effort.
  • Better confidence in your data: Leverage deep carrier relationships to automate data transfers and ensure the right information is going to the right place so you can include specific information and map fields to your unique needs.
  • More visibility into integrations: Proactively catch errors and keep a pulse on the status and performance of your integrations with an easy-to-use integration dashboard.

Download the Pro Benefits Integrations profile to learn more.