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UKG Pro Attestation

In the ever-changing world of meal-breaks and other important labor regulations, UKG® has your back when it comes to ensuring your organization has the ability to configure workflows to help you meet regulatory requirements. Attestation allows businesses to ask questions related to symptoms, meal breaks, and more before they punch-in. With Attestation as a core feature of the UKG Pro Workforce Management™ (formerly UKG Dimensions®) solution, customers can configure conditional workflows that meet their compliance policies.

UKG Dimensions - Attestation

By demonstrating a concern for adequate breaks and time to replenish, you’ll be better positioned to offer more encouragement and help energize your people to do their best work. With our solution you’ll receive a non-disruptive attestation solution that helps to keep your organization and people operating in a fair and responsible manner with minimal procedural burdens.