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UKG Pro Activiti Empowerment

Activiti Empowerment Services from UKG® support customers using the UKG Pro Workforce Management™ (formerly known as UKG Dimensions®) solution and the Alfresco Activiti™ Business Process Management platform become familiar with UKG-specific workflows and tailor the solution to meet their needs.

UKG Dimensions Activiti Empowerment

Find out how our Activiti Empowerment Services can assist your developers in creating, adjusting, and supporting your process models and workflows ― speeding the ROI of your UKG Pro Workforce Management solution, which is powered by the intelligent cloud-based UKG D5 Platform™.

Through our multiple training options, your developers will learn how to:

  • Add functions at your clock to fit your particular needs
  • Create new processes specific to your business
  • Maintain your project’s process with input from our experts

Download this informative piece to learn more about how Activiti Empowerment Services from UKG can assist you in customizing your UKG Pro Workforce Management solution to your organization’s requirements.