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UKG Pit Manager

Better manage your casino floor and team members, during the shift to drive a more efficient and profitable casino.

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In a bustling casino floor environment, your top priorities should be focusing on the guest experience and optimizing the revenue opportunity. But if your dealers are not in the right place at the right time — leaving tables unstaffed, understaffed, or staffed with employees lacking the right skills — you’re falling short of delivering an exceptional guest experience and leaving money on the table.

See UKG Pit Manager in action below — and identify how you can gain valuable insights into casino floor activity. This will help you better manage your staff and minimize compliance risk, allowing managers to focus on enhancing the guest experience and driving higher revenue per table.

Learn about the benefits of UKG Pit Manager, including:

  • Manage casino dealer assignments during the shift
  • Gain valuable insights into dealer skills with reporting capabilities
  • View lists to confirm dealer schedules and statuses